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Posted on: 14th November 2019

I returned to Europe and the Spring Classics in 2018.  My first ride was the SRAC. The Stephen Roche Atlantic Challenge in sunny Ireland.  Sunny it was indeed, the ride brilliant in everything but the moniker. Roche was a no-show.  I couldn’t believe it and I have been trying to get the organisers to change the name to the PAAC and have me back.  I have enough Waterford Crystal from all those Irish tours to make me nearly local, surely.  Maybe next year.

I will return to the classics in 2020.  Love them.  Belgium was a place I called home for most of my career.  I lived, trained and loved in that country for almost 15 years and knew every lane, road and segment of pave.
Though finished with tour operations my young apprentice, Pat from Ride International Tours has dragged me back as a guest and I can’t but help get involved in the mapping.  I do love a good ride.

RideIt have a lot on and I will be pretty chilled but I am looking forward to warmish beer, frites, cobbles, the Flemish Ardennes and more in April 2020.

2020 Tour of Flanders

2020 Belgie Training Camp

2020 Paris Roubaix

Join them all together if you like.Join both myself and Pat at the Spring Classics.  See you soon.

Written by Phil Anderson

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