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Posted on: 9th June 2017

Climbers Paradise


The Alps and the Dolomites include a bucket list of climbs that for most punters a couple of trips is needed to tick them off. It’s not because you can’t do it all, but rather why and who doesn’t need an excuse to go back.

I am home already, a few early posts and to then to be frank I was distracted by the weather, the riding, the companionship, the food and of course the Giro.

The 100th edition did turn out to be the grand spectacle that we all had hoped for with a nail biting finish on a course that was destined to bring the peloton to Milan with the outcome undecided. There is a predictability and consequently a level of boredom to many races in the modern era. Hats off to the Giro organisers, throwing caution to the wind, we experienced a race worth watching from beginning to end.

As the season turns to the Dauphine Richie has put his hand up showing his form and future intentions for Le Tour. A favourite race of mine I did well in the Dauphine and won outright in 1985. Used to finesse the form back in the eighties not much has changed other than a less rigorous roster suggesting that the great huge holes of fatigue we all fell into in the third week of Le tour are no longer a part of racing in the modern era.

That all said, you still have to race and survive and ride up those mountains at a level that is bordering on torture.   

Perhaps a few of my guests felt it, at the Giro, on the Stelvio, those agonising hours and hours and hours of climbing. I couldn’t believe it when every single one of my guests put their hand up for the challenge.

Italy, we will be back…stay tuned.

 There were no strava records broken but the level of euphoria was akin to winning the Giro outright. 

Written by Phil Anderson

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