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Posted on: 18th May 2017

Tuscany, the best ride.

The 2017 Giro beckons and Phil Anderson Cycling has decided to spend a few days adjusting to the Italian time-zone and preparing for the Giro in Tuscany.

When we left Australia, the talk was all “share the road” cycling ever a reason for angst in my homeland. It is so good to be back in Europe, the roads relaxed and friendly, one guest commenting, “is that car going to wait for all of us to get up the road, really, how nice…don’t Italians have to do anything!”

While the Giro has seen a few surprises, we have been experience some of our own. We were braced for the cool climes that we typically see in the final week of the Giro and although we have a few days until the high mountains, there have been some extremely warm days. We had a gentle 70km roll today but the temperatures were closing in on 30 degrees. I’m sure in a few days we will be digging to the depths of the suitcase to find thermals and wet-weather gear that is more suitable for skiing. 

In the meantime we are sitting poolside, under the Tuscan Sun at the end of our first ride. 

A modest affair the welcome ride sets the tempo for the days ahead, relaxed and easy with thoughts of the Giro, far from our mind after a stunning lunch in the port of Castegneto.

Our group has slipped into relaxed mode very easily on this Tuscan prelude, lying poolside thinking of the well-earned beer but far too relaxed to go and order them.

Jet lag is still making its presence felt, the eyelids drooping on a hazy sun as it slowly sets before we open the account with our first dinner. 

We will ease into the Giro with some gentle hills tomorrow.

The ride account was opened in earnest with a serious hill to start and while the foolhardy hit it hard some took a more relaxed approach and started the days ride with a descent to Suverto and coffee.

My memories of the Giro as a pro were always fond, it was a more relaxed race for me and the food was always a highlight. Not much has changed and today we rode through the tiny village of Sassetta where we stopped for lunch. The patrons took matters into their own hands and within minutes tablecloths were out, places set and we were presented with a selection of home grown and made pastas with some beer and wine to wash it down all for the price of a gourmet pizza. 

Ah Italy.

Written by Phil Anderson

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