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Posted on: 7th October 2016


Having rested in Noosa we headed out for our last foray North. Agnes Water was our ultimate destination with the possibility of a break in Hervey bay. We decided that ‘gods waiting room’, an unfair moniker based on the average age of the population was not for us, nomads we are but Hervey Bay was too sleepy and Phil hadn’t found that much in the way of cool rides so we pressed on.

Looking for a spot just out of Agnes Water and 1770 Phil found Eurimbula Creek Camp ground and on review, the best spot for the entire trip.

The drive into the camp ground was described 4 wheel drive only. Never one to let a description like that stop him Phil drove on. After bypassing a water hole that would have stopped most our little Skoda was put to the test. Hearts in our mouths, a reconnaissance on the Cannondale Slate to see if we would make it in we committed to the attempt knowing it could be bad as the evening closed around us if we failed.

To be honest I would have turned back. Our Skoda was under the pump as PA skilfully negotiated the sandy road.

By the time we arrived in what appeared to be camp our nerves were frayed. I act as a global insect repellent for all those around me and unprepared, the midges homed in as we set up in the first spot we found, it was getting dark and I was not in the mood for exploring sites. It turned out to be paradise and worth the subsequent week of frenzied scratching.

Of course we had to negotiate the 18km track out on our ride the next day. First, the soft sand, pedal, pedal, sink, stop. Get off and wheel the Slate to firmer ground and start again. I did improve and got the hang of it after my up-skilling on even worse trails on previous days. The corrugated section of road was another matter. Every fibre of my body was shaken to the core. Remember those belts that supposedly firmed and toned, fat shakers! Who needs those, just ride a bike on corrugations. 

1770 and Agnes Water would want to be nice as I envied the fellow campers who stayed behind to fish. Cool, they were: in fact so relaxed we left the pub at lunch time as nobody could be bothered serving us and found a soul food place that was clearly vegan and should have had some great bread but they didn’t and didn’t care either.

Interestingly we were approached by a Philofile who wanted to chat about our ride. A lot of folk seem to drive in – then out and we did not see another cyclist anywhere. Occasionally you will see the odd bike on the back of a caravan but none of these nomads seem to ride real bikes. They miss so much.

There is always a place that is the best on a trip and the one that is the worst.

Heading back south we stopped at Rainbow beach. A beautiful place but so awful and full of red neck 4 wheel drivers that I fear I would never want to go back and visit Fraser Island. Getting there just seems to be an appalling process and I hope that in the future that changes.

Our road trip ended with a quick drive from Brisbane to Melbourne, flat out for 2 days PA style. We picked up a million bugs en-route and some well looked after dogs in time to make it back to the coast for the Amy’s Gran Fondo.

Next Adventure – we will take the dogs.

Written by Phil Anderson

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