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Phil Anderson Cyclist at the Tour de France
Phil Anderson, has his pain face on.

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Posted on: 21st January 2016


The Tour down Under has been entertaining to date but the first real test is today. The corkskrew will test the teams with the narrow entrance making position extremely important. Speed will be high as the the peloton takes the sharp left turn onto the climb.

The pressure will be on, tempo high in the first flater section before the last 1km where it tips up to a whopping 20%.

Cadel focused on this section a couple of years back, every domestique rider in the peloton will have done the same. Pure numbers. So where will be the advantage? In the scramble for the turn.

There won’t be that much pressure for our group when we take on the ride – gently does it. 

The climb will test the best of us though, even this old dog.

With a few spills yesterday and a new rider in the Ochre jersey the pressure on OGE will be huge. This is an important race for them however I suspect Richie Porte will take of the invisible cloak and make a statement today. I hope so anyway.

On my ride back to Adelaide from Stirling yesterday, I caught up with Adam Hanson. He had had a disappointing stage. He was the main animator. He wasn’t upset that he was caught on the final lap but had to hang out for presentations only to find that his Lotto team-mates had left without him. Oh well, he rode back with me.

A decade ago we rode the Croc Trophy and he hasn’t changed much. He dropped me when the OGE entourage swept through as he picked up a faster and perhaps somewhat safer ticket in a well formed group to ride back to the city.

There are so many riders of varying competencies on the paths and roads one really has to have their wits about them.


Written by Phil Anderson

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