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Posted on: 18th January 2016

Ride Like Crazy

Sunday 17.  Tour down under day 4

Ride Like Crazy

Every Year the Ride gets better.  Every January I am honoured to be part of the Tour down Under and the Ride Like Crazy.

Organised by the SA police so it makes sense that its pretty good this ride.  Leaving Adelaide via the Melbourne highway it is a great introduction to the Adelaide Hills on a 110km Loop.  Crafters, Lobethal and Cudlee Creek are way points on a ride serviced with more volunteers than riders. There is more food, not that you need it really for 110km, but fruit cake, bananas, more fruit,lollies and drinks a plenty.

Stopping for coffee en-route, the order of the day and some of the outer villages do have an interesting take on coffee.

Oops prefer the tea.

It is quite a ride, undulating through the hills and by the time we were descending through the Gorge my legs were weary.  There is the corkscrew option for the real knuckleheads, (yes I do it every year) and it is a bit nasty.

Over the last 4 days I have done more riding than for a month but the feast will continue.

The ladies race is tonight and the Peoples classic.


Written by Phil Anderson

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