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Posted on: 15th January 2016

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The TdU is off and running, for me anyway. I made the drive yesterday, leaving the haze of smoke behind me with a couple of bikes on the car. One of them is pretty special, a zullo for the exhibition at the Legends dinner.

I have a few plans, but like most heading to Adelaide I am planning some rides. Adelaide is a fantastic place to ride, the hills, short and sharp, the roads, a bit dodgy here and there but all in all pretty good and most of all, there are so many riders about. During the week of the Tour down Under the drivers of Adelaide embrace the code and share the road with good grace.

Last night I had my first gig, a snapshot of the week. A who’s who, who is invited and who is not. Welcome to the TdU!

There are times I wonder if there is a bike race on but there is and the people of Adelaide love it. Pay attention UCI, this race works here and to be honest, more races on the calendar are important but don’t change the TdU ranking.

Unofficial brands cannot operate in Adelaide in the official media window or week of the race. Events SA are extremely protective of the corporate space but the first big ride on my event calendar is the “ride like crazy”.

Events SA aren’t happy about the best ride ever being held just before their big gig but the thing is I spend 5 days extra in Adelaide just so that I can do this ride and so do many people I know. 

A bit of Adelaide recovery and some time in the park to watch the “peoples challenge” How can you not be happy with all those extra folk having a good time in your town

I will be posting my rides and map links via my website and facebook each day.

The rides leave each day from the corner of North and East Terrace. All except for the Bupa day to Victor Harbour.

Written by Phil Anderson

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