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Posted on: 11th November 2015

Amy Gillett Foundation

AGF Share the road tour

Early November each year I line up for the AGF Share the Road Tour.

It’s a tough gig, every year I leave the better half at home on her birthday. Leave pass is granted because its for the AGF. The Story, the campaign, its just worth it.

It’s even harder to deal with having a great ride every day, the afternoon massages, the daily bike service and the great company.

Every day we stop at the local schools, talk to the kids and spread the message. They go home, talk to mum and day and maybe, one less rider is hurt.

I thought I was a tough task master. Last year my guest hike up trails, bikes under their arms to get to the top of the Lacets Montvernier to see Le Tour but I have to take my hat off to Simon Gillett. He is a man of great passion and determination when it comes to the AGF, Share the Road and the Amy’s Gran Fondo.

During my racing career racing or riding on dirt was unheard of. When you came to the end of the road and hit dirt you turned around. The tires and bikes were not cut out for it.

Momentum in CX has seen me out there pushing the road bike over dirt roads. Its not that its really hard – although, note I haven’t raced, its just sort of wrong taking your precious road bike over the stones.

I mountain bike regularly, even done the croc trophy but this year the AGF STRT would have the CX fans in a spin.

Simon mention some dirts sections after a wee introduction last year.

Yesterday we rode 40km over dirt roads and today, another 50km of dirt roads in the rain were added to my palmares today. I have been having a blast but my bike (Cannondale Synapse with 27mm tires) is just perfect for what we are doing.

Tire choice is so much better now. Back in the day, you couldn’t do these rds on clement singles.

Too be fair, a couple have struggled but when I think about the challenges they are facing I think its right.

Sharing the road is a dual responsibility and every cyclist out there, novice, mamil or old sage racer can always improve. By the end of this AGF tour there will be a bunch of riders with a new skill set that will make them better riders on ever more dangerous roads.

Written by Phil Anderson

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