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Posted on: 29th September 2015

Aussie Dissent

The Worlds, Road Race. 

The mens race surpassed my expectations and I am delighted that each year I sit down to watch the racing get better.

Here in Australia we didn’t get direct coverage unless you streamed online. 

A deserving winner wears the men’s crown and Sagan has risen to the occasion. The battle for the rainbow jersey coming down to the wire and as expected, an attack at the bottom of the final climb enough to cinch the deal. 

So, we all knew it would happen at the bottom of the hill so why did the Aussies field 2 leaders who would inevitably race each other at this point.

Michael Matthews was on form leading into Richmond demonstrating his results in the recent Tour of Alberta. Of course we recall Gerro’s results the year before, in form from Montreal and Toronto just a couple of weeks prior. Despite his reputation of defying the odds it was not his year and respectfully he should not have put his hand up creating disunity in the team.

McGee’s instructions should have been clear. If it did come down the wire then Simon’s role would have been to bury himself for the team, therefore Michael Matthews. I get it, it is a jersey I don’t have in my collection and it is desirable one but a professional cyclist does not make the call. The director does.

Many teams make the call and we saw it over and over on Sunday. Winning races is about unity, good strategy, strong decision making and luck of course. 

While the Slovakian team was celebrating Peter Sagan’s efforts, other teams were analysing their results, none more so than the Aussie’s where the inevitable happened. Two leaders successfully delivered to the finale and neither agreeing to assist the other.

Written by Phil Anderson

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