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Posted on: 23rd July 2015


What a Tour de France and what a tour for PAC.  Like a well drilled team my group is coming together, working hard, dominating at the critical moments in the quest for the best vantage points.  Brilliant.

The Lacets Montvernier Climb was a magical day on Tour at the Tour de France.

The Glandon was our next goal and the expected showdown eventuated in the race itself.  Much like in the Giro d’Italia when Alberto’s team were slowly decimated by the constant attacks of his adversaries we have seen tempers fray and fingers being pointed at the end of Stage 19 of the 2015 Tour de France.

Our group was on the col du Glandon when the yellow jersey of the 2015 Tour de France had to stop briefly to attend to a gear problem. Within seconds of him remounting to chase, the eventual stage winner Vincenzo Nibali attacked.

Chris Froome’s gracious diplomacy has cracked with a personal attack on Nibali.  My view, sure, Nibali wanted to have his day in the sun but what ever happened to respect, Froome and team Sky have dominated, have some dignity?

That said Sky’s bullets are being depleted. When the yellow jersey group came past us near the summit of the Glandon, Chris Froome only had Wouter Poels left with him. I suspect Froome has it in the bag but like Alberto in the Giro, Froome is lucky the TdF isn’t a day longer. I don’t think his temperament could hold out too much longer or the legs of his teammates.

Much has been said about G’ loosing so much time yesterday on the Glandon, my team did really well, holding it together to our new vantage point but we do have a big day to go.

Tomorrow, I suspect we will see the reappearance of an energised Richie Porte, he has quietly tapped away, not seen too much since the Pyrenees to assist his glorious leader all the way to the top of Alpe d’Huez and a second Tour de France victory.  We will see.

Written by Phil Anderson

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