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Posted on: 14th July 2015

Cycling Holiday Blog

Before we get to the behind the scenes stories lets talk about our days.  We work Hard

2015 tour de France with Phil Anderson

The peloton is close now as we train in Spain. 3 Hor Cat climbs were on our race cards today. Most did 2, a couple of the hard men did 3 with the Col du Portillon 1293, the Peyresourde and the Col d’Azeton the agenda with an option to do Pla d’Adet.

It’s always interesting the dynamics on tour. We often tell the ladies they will be fine on the mountains but they are reluctant to commit. On this tour, as usual the ladies are getting stronger everyday while the fella’s hit it hard at the start and start to head downhill.

Written by Phil Anderson

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