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Posted on: 7th July 2015

A Classic’s Affair

It’s hot despite a cooling of the Temperature.  Le Tour de France is rolling out drama filled stages each day the like of which has not been seen for awhile.

As predicted, each stage so far has replicated the race style of the Classics of old.  Tough, unpredictable racing that despite the pain for some has been a sensation to watch.

The rain and wind of stage 2 unleashed carnage on the peloton.  A series of crashes today and some confusion over a mid race neutralization before the Pave tomorrow leaves little room for the ongoing Astana speculation/scandal.

Froome responded quickly and stamped an early authority on the race with a long way to go.  With the drama unfolding as quickly as it is this early move could prove very strategic.

3 Days, 3 leaders, huge pressure and good old racing.

Poor Gerro, he has had a careers worth of bad luck in this season alone. It can’t get worse but having said that I should retract, Spartacus has suffered a terrible injury amongst many others today and has withdrawn.

Crashing, injuries are part of life as a professional cyclist.  The imagery and gut wrenching impacts hard to imagine but we watch all the same.  It is the drama that draws us to the show. The Tour de France is the greatest spectacle and we are now part of a very intense drama.

I hope to have a few days respite as I get my own show on the road and from time to time grumble about my own dicky shoulder, a memory of a past life.

Written by Phil Anderson

Photography: Graham Watson

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