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Posted on: 11th September 2014

Cycling in Spain

Vuelta Blog #4: A Coruna

With today being a rest day in the Vuelta, we had the opportunity to ride without being dictated by race time schedules. That’s right, even though we’re on a holiday tour, the Vuelta still provides time pressures and parameters which dictate our days, even in Spain. Not today though!

Our day was a little lazier than usual with a sleep-in providing us with a little recuperation since we have been riding mountainous 100km days since we got here. We had a nice shortened loop to the south of A Coruna mapped out with a great stop for a light lunch when we arrived back in town. Despite no longer close to the mountains of yesterday, traversing to coastal Galicia provided plenty of short and quite steep little hills, not exactly ideal for the Pro Tour guys on their rest day (or us, for that matter). On our return we saw a couple of teams having a ride and they didn’t look too happy. No Beach Road to ride along here.

After lunch there was time to relax. Some of our guests took the opportunity to go to the beach out front while others needed the time to fully recover from our first 3 days.

Life in Spain travels at a speed of it’s own; it’s truly remarkable and if the economy is as bad as it appears then it will take a change in mentality and lifestyle. The holidays are over but the country still seems in retirement mode.

I recall how difficult it was booking a quality hotel in A Coruna and it is because the teams are staying in town. At our Eurostar Hotel we were in company with the Astana, Cofidis and Katusha outfits.

Our arrival in A Coruña was finished with a spectacular meal at local restaurant, Aborada. We were treated to haute cuisine at its most memorable over 8 courses. This might be a cycling tour, but we never miss an opportunity to indulge in local fare!

Written by Phil Anderson

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